Outsourcing audit

When you consider outsourcing the audit process, due to e.g.

  • due diligence operations,
  • missing information on the quality status of your suppliers,
  • lack of time to perform the audits and write reports,
  • missing competence skills for audit management, process, and risk-based thinking
  • the increase in the number of GMP/GDP audits to be performed,
  • travel or other restrictions etc.

We provide you the service

AM Consultancy Audit Services help you to manage your business, provides solutions,

  • knowledge, expertise, and experience of the current legislation and GMP/GDP requirements,
  • audit partners that are highly qualified, cooperative, and non-confrontational while auditing, we emphasize a level of trust and open communication,
  • a fresh set of eyes from outside the organization that are objective and unbiased,
  • a standardized and acknowledged audit process, sharing industry best practices and customer requirements,
  • guidance on changing legislation, consulting thereof and identification of business risks,
  • timely audit reports that are fair and balanced, without compromising the integrity of our work,
  • the planning of corrective actions and re-audits,
  • confidential handling of documents and reports,
  • bridge the gap of your internal resources, including co-sourcing services.
It is our goal to be a winning team, therefore AM Consultancy affirms its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and compliance with the guidelines, rules, and regulations that govern our business practices. Our core values, integrity, ethical behavior, commitment to quality, professionalism and social responsibility demonstrate our pledge to excel in every aspect of our business.
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