Digitization, we are not missing the game

During the COVID 19 pandemic we took some time to reflect on our 10th anniversary and made some changes towards the future. AM Consultancy is proud to announce the establishment of this new website and prepared for the challenges coming ahead in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and their world-wide supply chain.

We adapted quickly to the ‘new normal’, providing more services remotely with options like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other IT platforms and established guidelines how to best manage a remote audit process. However, for some critical GMP processes, such as e.g. the risk of cross-contamination it is difficult to remotely verify the implementation and effectiveness of the established process. In that case, on-site activities remain essential and are scheduled for follow up in the future.

It is our opinion that remote activities will also remain in our business activities; evolving to a hybrid audit model which include multiple verification methods such as on-site audits, electronic or remote audits, combined with document information reviews and product testing. The decision for the preferred work model may be based on a risk assessment of the supply chain, regulatory and customer demands. It is a matter of context.

At the same time, we established new partnerships with other GMP experts in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry and remained connected in a visual and responsive way, with our worldwide customers and partners. Remote connection is better than no connection, a combination of both worlds seems to be ideal.

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